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Balancing Self Love & Your Health Journey

Mar 03, 2022

In this weeks podcast, Alicia answers a question submitted by a listener on instagram, “How to love your body while on a health journey & not at a specific point or end goal“.

What does it mean to be body positive? 

From what I see on social media, body positivity is portrayed as individuals who love EVERY part of their body, and don't want to change it.  I find this pretty unrealistic for most of us, not to mention it sets us up to feel that if we want to change our bodies, then we must dislike our body. For a movement named body positivity, for it to be "wrong"  to feel anything other than positivity about our bodies, that seems pretty negative to me. 

Wanting to change something doesn't always mean we are unhappy.

So how can we find a way to coexist between staying positive about our bodies and reaching our goals?

I think it's important to strive for body neutrality instead of body positivity. The first step in doing this, is to start defining our self worth in ways other than how our body looks.

For years, we have had people in our lives influencing the way we should think about our bodies; tabloids, movies, family, friends, coworkers etc. 

Let's dive into how you can begin your self love journey, and start separating self worth from our body weight, shape & looks. 




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