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Exposure Therapy & Fear of Judgment W/ Grazhel Moreno

Mar 10, 2022

Strap in, and get ready for a long and laugh filled episode!

This week I speak with my good friend Grazhel Moreno, an online personal trainer and nutrition coach. As you will be able to tell from the episode, her and I are silly and the episode includes tons of laughs.

Meeting at 24 hour fitness, we became instant friends. 

During the pandemic, Grazhel slipped into a mild depression. Putting on weight and not feeling confident in any of her clothes, Grazhel struggled. 

After a girls trip to Mexico and not feeling comfortable in any of her clothes, she realized the amount of pressure she puts on herself to look a certain way.

Seeing her struggle with body image on this trip, was not only shocking for me to witness, it was real and relatable. Even the women we think would never struggle, are fighting internal battles.

We also dive deep into her pressure to be "fit" as a personal trainer.  She tells an amazing story of how she used her exposure therapy techniques, to help her overcome an obstacle we've all faced before on a girls trip.





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