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How I Became the Confidence Queen!

Feb 17, 2022

It is finally here! Episode 1 of the Confident As F*ck Podcast!

Growing up in a suburb outside of Dallas, TX, heavily involved in church, I didn’t have any confidence. 

As life went on, I began working in corporate America, but felt lost.

Then the breakup happened…

I took this as an opportunity to start a new chapter. I began working out, eating healthy, living the single girl life. 

But still, NO confidence!

So I joined a dating app, started going on dates, and slowly began to gain some confidence. 

Then I met my now husband. He really helped me realize that I needed to not be in a relationship at that time and to focus solely on myself. 

I always joke that he was my first coach because we spent a lot of time talking about workouts and what we were eating. 

Fast forward, we moved in, moved to LA to be near his family, and started a trucking business.

Starting a business was a struggle and with that struggle my weight would go up and down. 

Booking a trip to Cabo gave me the push to get fit and in shape. 

Our bodies looked amazing! 

But I was attaching my self worth to my body. 

I was so sick of eating healthy, so I began to eat off my meal plan and ultimately gained weight. 

With this, I decided to become a personal trainer. 

Being in this setting, I felt insecure in my body compared to others, but I began to gain confidence in my training.

After building up my training business, with the help of my business coach, Brianna, I then transitioned to an online confidence coach.

Hence, the Confidence Queen was born.


Don't forget to let your confidence shine.



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