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All things Human Design with Jenna Garagiola Part 1

Mar 22, 2022

This week I sit down with Human Design expert and mindset coach Jenna, to discuss human design and why you NEED it in your life! 

Jenna had never defined herself as a success because of what her deep rooted beliefs were. She tied success to wealth.

She never understood why her energy was lacking and she was somebody that needed more rest until she learned about human design. Then it all clicked.

In part 1 of this 2 episode podcast, Jenna explains all things human design and why it is the primary tool she prefers to work with. She helps you to decondition your subconscious and re-program it back to your original blueprint. Basically it is a blueprint from the exact moment you were born and how you are designed to be your most authentic self.

There are 5 types of human design; generators, projectors, manifestor, manifestor generators, and reflector.

Each type works to support the collective as a whole. 

Secondly, Jenna dives into your liver and kidneys and how they connect to your emotions. Oftentimes, when we carry emotion, our bodies will try to expel it. 

Jenna is an absolute expert and knows every in and out about human design. This is such a complex topic that I had to split this into two episodes.








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