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I'll Be Happy When...

Feb 28, 2022

This past week Rene and I went snowboarding at Big Bear and it really opened my eyes to how sports can help your confidence!

Since I was never really into sports, I never learned that resilience to know, everything will be ok no matter the outcome. I noticed that kids and people that have been involved in sports, have the resilience to keep trying, even when they aren’t good at something right away.

Since going on this confidence journey, and finding love and appreciation for my body, trying different activities that once seemed out of reach for me because of my weight, now seem exciting!

I’m not waiting to be in a certain body type, or certain weight to live life, and you shouldn't either! 

A few lessons I have learned through sports:

The things that we build up in our head, aren’t always true. 

Putting yourself out there and actually trying is so much better than sitting on the sidelines!

Don’t wait to live your life until you reach a certain goal.

Life happens all around us and we don’t have to wait to live our lives to the fullest!




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