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From Mental Health Professional to Baking Influencer with Michelle Lopez AKA Bakeshell!

Feb 17, 2022

Our FIRST EVER podcast guest is Michelle, with Bakeshell, a vegan and gluten free bakery. 

This guest is extra special because Michelle and I have become so close, not only supporting each other with our businesses, but as friends.

We are going to dive into all things confidence and Michelle’s journey.

Quitting her 9-5 in the mental health profession in 2021, Michelle decided to go full time into finding herself and cultivating her journey. 

After a trip to Japan, Michelle was in awe of their way of life, which led to her becoming a baker and living a life for herself.

Starting off with only baking cookies, her friend requested a cake, which she had never made before. 

It was a HUGE hit and took off!

But then she started to get into her head and focused too much on sales, which started affecting her confidence and took the joy out of baking.

Taking a step back, she baked mostly for herself and slowed way down. 

Attempting to try other people’s strategies and it not working, Michelle realized she needed to stop trying to follow in other people’s shoes and show up authentically herself. 




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